There are all kinds of men and women on International dating sites. However, unless you date a Russian guy, you don’t even begin to grasp the depth to which Russian dating sites can test your patience. I was in Russia last year for an assignment and I used the best dating site for dating Russians. I must admit, I was enthralled by my experiential learning on how to date a Ruskie.

To date a Russian man, the first thing you do is learn some language. Broken it can be, less than fluent it can be, but nada, zilch ? That it cannot be! Not because they don’t like people who cannot speak Russian, but because they really love it when they notice your attempts to learn their language. A lot of times, what I spoke in Russian was barely correct, but my dates and their families found it very cute and adored me for it. Believe it or not, it’s so cute that I was always surrounded by impressed ‘awwws’!

Looking pretty, cooking pretty and other such conventional roles are a great theme in Russian dating. My experiences with different guys I met on Russian dating sites have proven that women and men are expected to play their conventional roles. Also, it’s important to keep up the appearance. So, you will always be expected to look more than presentable. Your apartment would need to be spic and span. If you have a cooking arrangement (I didn’t, I stayed at the hotel), it’s expected you know how to cook well, even if your own cuisine. In fact your guy might actually make those weird faces, if you think you could just get out there lounging in a jeans and tee.

At the same time however, all Russian guys I met on International dating sites liked to date women, not timid little girls. Russian women are no wall-flowers or door-mats. They’re fierce, vocal and very expressive. They have an opinion and they are capable of expressing it clearly. That’s one trait Russian men admire a lot in their women.

Also, remember that Russians are a very vibrant people. Their opinions, thoughts, verbal expression is all very passionate and vibrant. This means just like you’re expected to be fierce and expressive a lot of what Russian men might say may come across as aggressive in tone, while it is not! Not everything they may say is going to be personal or an attack at you. It’s just who they are, passionate and high on energy!

Irrespective of whether you meet your Ruskie at a work party or on the world’s best dating site, one thing is for sure. He’s going to be one of the most passionate lovers, you will ever meet. His blood will boil, sing and dance at the tune of yours and his heart will be yours, provided you inflame his gaze and keep his hearth and heart warm!