I have been in the dating scene for quite a few years. It’s not because I don’t plan to settle down, but more because I enjoy researching human behavior firsthand. It is very enlightening to observe similarities and differences on multiple levels. However, having been in the scene for long enough also means that I have got a chance to try various dating models. Offline dating, friend referrals, parties, bars, discotheques, as well as online dating sites; you name it, I’ve tried it.

During the process I have also tried international dating sites because I wanted to experience how different people behaved. The most prominent difference that I noticed was between Asian and Caucasian guys.

Manners are something that causes one major difference between the men of these two ethnicities. While Asian men have amazing table manners, things like opening the car door, holding the jacket etc. are still something most Asian men are not used to when dating.

I dated some amazing Asian guys from an Asian dating site. One of their best qualities is that they never let the other person pay the bills. So, in general it’s good etiquette to let Asian guys pick the place rather than imposing on them on the choice of place. As long as you know that the place is centrally located and public enough J

Similarly, another trait that differentiated Asian men from their Caucasian counterparts on one of the best dating site was the fact that a lot of Asian guys are mama’s boys. Now, this may not necessarily be a bad thing that they need their parents’ approval. However, there’s also a statistically reported trend, that Asian men and their families have a preference for Asian women. So unless you’re Asian or have mixed ethnicity, you may want to tread carefully.

Similarly, Asian guys are often not big on public displays of affection. Believe me when I say this, they’re one of the most loving breed of men around. They and their families are very kind, generous, caring, and affectionate and will pamper you like a princess, but don’t expect a lot of hugs, cuddles, kisses or at times, even a lot of holding hands in public, more so when around family.

By the way, let me also bust a myth or two about Asian guys while we are at it. Not all Asian men live with their families. They can be very masculine and macho when they decide to be, which is usually behind closed doors. They are keepers, if you’re looking for one. But most importantly, their hearts are large enough to accommodate you and everyone you care for, should they really find long-term compatibility with you.

On this note, I do strongly recommend ladies who’re reading this article to try an Asian dating site or at least some international dating sites, to find more about the kind of man you may really end up liking. To have your best dating site experience yet, you do need to try options before you say meh!