Hi, I’m Lisa. Hey, of course that’s not my real name! The story that I am going to share with you needs my identity to be discreet. You must be wondering, if I have to keep my identity discreet, why even tell this story? Or you must be wondering if my story is a story of abuse, a story of danger, a story of intense passion? What is this mysterious story all about?

Well, well, well… My story is about why I started looking for a partner on sugar daddy sites.

Like a lot of stories, mine is that of a happy ending. My sugar daddy decided to marry me. But it wasn’t all hunky dory to begin with. I was 21 then. I was very pretty looking, had a hot body, and was studying. And, I wasn’t on the best terms with my parents.

By the way, in India, you need parents to back you up even when you’re legally an adult.  I didn’t have them on my side and I wanted a good education for myself. I had two options, return to my parents and let them decide how my life and career would be. Or, I could be an escort. I wanted to choose none. That is when I discovered millionaire dating sites.

Just like online dating sites, these sites are places to connect beautiful people with rich people. I was initially very nervous, hoping that it wasn’t what I was scared of – another escort site. I must admit, amidst all dating sites I explored, sugar daddy sites were the best.

The best dating site in my life is where I found Mark, my sugar daddy initially and my husband now. Mark was a thorough gentleman. Money didn’t make him a jerk. He told me very clearly that he was looking for an exclusive arrangement while I was with him. Mark was also 15 years my senior and undergoing divorce. It was a bit scary to begin with.

Mark requested for my social company once a week. He also requested for my personal time over a long weekend, once or twice a month on an ongoing basis. In return, Mark paid for my fee when I wanted to learn designing, creative writing and marketing. Mark also covered my living spaces in a safe, posh colony of one of the top cities in India.

Frankly, having a sugar daddy, made my life easy. No it wasn’t effortless. I had to ensure that my schedules were managed well in advance to ensure my availability when Mark requested it. I also had to perform at studies, excel in career, because it was his money being spent on it. I tried my best and it wasn’t easy, but I wasn’t worried about expenses.

We dated in an arrangement for almost 2 years when one final day, he asked me the big question. I had absolutely no reason to say no! We have been together for one year now and I am absolutely not ashamed that I went to search for a partner on sugar daddy sites.

If you’re a sugar baby, let me share a secret, do not let anyone tell you what to do. Work on yourself, exercise caution, do not behave like an entitled brat and believe me one of the millionaire dating sites, will turn out to be the best dating site in your life. Just like it did in mine!