Online dating has never before been as popular as now. This is THE time when online dating is gaining so much popularity that the minute most people hear the word ‘dating’ they think of one or the other app or website. It is not surprising dating sites are gaining popularity.

This however, also means that a lot of tech people are coming up with a new dating platform every few months. Each of these websites eventually ends up calling itself the best dating site. The interesting twist however is, that the websites which actually deserve the title of the best dating site are not busy claiming it, but are more keen on improving their user experience.

Now user experience is not just about the look, feel and functionality of a platform but it’s about the kind of users that the website attracts as well. This means, it’s also about you. This also means that whether you’re a guy or a girl, you have to fight competition and stand out in a myriad of other profiles to be noticed by compatible people. This FURTHER means, there are certain things you CAN and others you CANNOT do on dating sites.

For instance, you cannot be rude, pushy or judgmental. Just because there’s anonymity on a dating site, it doesn’t mean it’s a freeway. It means you behave online with other people, just like you do offline. Even if you’re on the best dating site in the world, if you’re a pain in the wrong place, you will not attract partners.

You can lie but you SHOULD NOT. Again, sure you can lie about your age, your marital status and your expectations from a date. But hey, what’s the point? When you connect deeper with a person, your façade will fall off. If you however, do not connect with a person, you’ll regret you lied. What if you’d spoken the truth and they may have liked you? So, all in all, lying is too much effort for little. Why even go down that route?

It is highly recommended that one doesn’t kiss and tell. Let us say, you had a great NSA date with someone on one of the best dating sites. It doesn’t mean that you point your entire friend circle, Tom, Dick, Harry, Josh, Mak, Mark, and whoever else in the direction of that profile. That is  a breach of the privacy of that lady.

Just because she had a good time with you, do not act like a prick and make her regret it. Ladies, the same goes for you. A guy, who treats you nicely, may not necessarily be looking forward to hanging out with many or any of your friends. Privacy, discretion and respect are important people!

Last but not the least, be candid. Be yourself. Be authentic. Be genuine. It may sound cliché but honesty, integrity and communication are always going to be the most sought after values. Yes, even on dating sites!