For foreign visas, expat pay checks, life of luxury and comfort – these are some of the most common stereotypical reasons you will hear from people. But is it really true that all Chinese women want is money and comfort and nothing else? Well, according to a survey, no.

The fact is that of all international dating sites, an Asian dating site is the one attracting most Chinese people. When the women on this website participated in surveys related to why they prefer dating western men, the reasons were not the ones listed above.

Women, who were interviewed, claimed that they consider this site as the best dating site for Chinese women and the western men on this site are just amazing. That too, all for reasons not related to their wallets.


Western men are more fun! They are not obsessed with careers and making money. Sure, they enjoy a good life and they love money like anyone else, but for them it’s not as huge an obsession like their Chinese counterpart. Apparently most eligible Chinese men spend most of their waking hours on presentations, work or something else related to work.

Western men live a fuller life. Whether this is due to their different work culture and the nature of their education, r the higher degree of independence; it is true that western men have interests, hobbies, wanderer and traveler instincts and zeal to explore life.

Western men are less or non-judgmental. Unlike Chinese men, the westerners actually do not judge a woman for her past, her previous relationships, or her being a divorced / separated single mother. They appreciate the person more for their own qualities rather than the set of circumstances, they have been through.


Most women on this Asian Dating Site also claimed that western men don’t shove issues under a carpet and ignore them. Unlike their counterparts, who ignore and avoid conversations around a subject and hope it will resolve on its own, western men try to discuss and talk about relationship issues.

Most of these women also valued the fact that they were able to learn more from men of other countries on International Dating Sites rather than Asian men. This is because other men come from different parts of the world and are also willing to let their women know about their part of the world. They also feel that Asian men are relatively less motivating of versatile exposure and strong choices a woman might make.

When probed deeper, it is obviously clear that while Chinese women do claim to find Western men more appealing when it comes to dating, they also do it not for the stereotypes. They do it instead for all the right reasons. In fact they prefer western men so much that it won’t be an exaggeration to say that they will rank an international dating site as the best dating site, rather than one with only Asian or Chinese profiles.