Latin American people are vibrant, hot and bold. Women are comfortable in their skins while still carrying their feminine charms in a very non-threatening and non-intimidating manner. Men on the other hand, are expressive, flirtatious, macho and generally caring. Oh and they are both hot enough to make me drool!

One of the best phases in my dating life has been when I was exploring international dating sites.  I realized that I liked the crowd on Latin dating sites the best. In fact my current boyfriend and I met on that website and it turned out to be the best dating site experience for both of us.

While my own boyfriend is very accepting and happy-go-lucky of my non-latino manners, he did explain to me a lot of dating etiquette while explaining to me general social behavior when around his family and friends.

One of the best pieces of advice he gives to anyone who wants to date a Latin partner is to learn salsa. For men, it opens up an option to ask a woman to dance with him (Latin American men are very direct that way). For women, it opens up the option of a man asking them to dance with him. Basically a chance to express interest, dancing badly may not be a very good idea, more so for a man. Women will roll their eyes or avoid dancing with you if you step on their toes.

Conventionally Latin women don’t take lead in expressing interest, thanks to the machismo, but non-latino women are still given a bit of leeway for not knowing the manners. Obviously, this problem is easier to tackle now, thanks to the presence of latin dating sites. However, as a non-latino woman, be a little careful because you may assumed to be easy or more willing and ready for sex.

Almost all latin dating is NOT about one night stands. People do ask each other out on second or third dates but being asked out on the first date should ideally make you wary.

Like I learnt, the machismo runs deep. So as a man, make sure you pay all the bills. As a woman, never offer to pay for the date, or even your share. Don’t even try to look at the bill or he’ll most likely be offended, even if you found him online on international dating sites.

Latin American people are usually very direct when it comes to praising physical beauty, approaching a woman, holding hands, touching the knee or the shoulder and / or skin contact. Do not read too much into it either. Similarly, keeping distance can be assumed as a lack of interest or worse. To all of this, I will only say that go by your gut. As long as you remember that their general sense of physical personal space is lesser than in the west otherwise, you’ll do fine with adjusting to their proximity.

One of the best dating site options to find Latin American people to date would be to try international dating sites or specifically Latin dating sites. Do try and share how your journey was.