Ok, so online dating is increasingly popular now. In fact it’s the MOST popular form of dating in the modern era. Online dating sites provide us with an option to connect with a lot of people from different parts of the world. In fact it also allows the anonymity and spares the judgment as is common in our existing network and circle of people.


However, exercising caution even on the best dating sites is extremely important. No matter how good a platform is, there is always the fear of the unknown, the stranger that you know practically nothing about.


For instance, it’s always safe to interact online for a reasonably sufficient time, before exchanging phone numbers. Phone numbers are not something to share easily, especially in today’s world with ‘true callers’ and all. While they are of great use, they can be abused equally well too. So exchange written word, observe the timings when your partner responds, are their answers too long, or too short? All such observations will give you some insights into the kind of the person you may be dealing with.


Remember, even if you’re on the world’s best dating site, the people may not always be the best, nor their intentions. Let me put it this way, the online world is teeming with predators. So be cautious when you put your pictures. If you’re a parent, please, I implore you, please, do not put up any pictures that include your kids! Similarly, no nudes with faces please. I am not trying to scare you or make you paranoid, but honestly, the world IS full of creeps.


Similarly, do not share with anyone your bank details. That’s one piece of information that can be used by scammers, abusers and who else not. So do NOT share them with anyone. You do not want someone to know more about your finances when you don’t even know enough about them.


Do NOT reveal information related to work place, or home address, unless you meet someone face to face at least a few times. I would strongly recommend a public place as a safe dating spot. Either take an uber or have a friend pick you up, if you’re going for drinks. Watch your drinks carefully and be sure of what you do. Better safe than sorry. Not trying to sound judgmental, but women do even better to exercise more caution because anonymity gives many predators, a lot of leeway, especially on online dating sites.


Keep phone battery fully charged, some friend or family in loop, cautionary numbers in the emergency contact list and a sane head over your shoulders; especially when blind dating or dating random strangers. Unless you have met your date at least a few times, please do not make it a ‘my place’ or ‘your place’. But most importantly, listen to your gut. It will keep you safer than anything else!