This week, I was listening to an American anti-racism activist, Jane Elliot. While she practically broke down each of my theories and all my understanding about what racism actually was, it also got me thinking. What happens to racial discriminations and biases when people of different races date? What happens on interracial dating sites and beyond them?


I tried to look up some keywords around interracial dating and one of the most repeated and prominent results I found was free black dating sites. It got me thinking more. If a Chinese dates an American or a Latino, would that not be interracial dating too? Then why does even the best dating site designed for inter racial matches, claims to be mostly a black dating site?

I then probed deeper only to discover that interracial dating is surrounded by some very strong stereotypical myths and I decided to share some of the most prominent ones in this article.


The first myth, I’ve already busted. It’s not about black and white. Any two people from any two different races are in an interracial relationship. There’s the ‘yellow fever’, the ‘exotic brown’, the ‘spicy latino’ and of course the white people. All of these dynamics can be and should be found on interracial dating sites.

Second, it’s not about just sex. I’m sure my usage of phrases like yellow fever’, the ‘exotic brown’, the ‘spicy latino’ instantly made you think of certain specific body types. But people, relationships and dating are not about people’s bodies. They are about the people themselves.

This brings me to my next point. There’s a huge difference between admiring someone and making a fetish of them; that too, not on a personal level, but on the scale of an entire race? Believe me, it’s NOT cool! Any site that claims to be the best dating site should actually be promoting people, dating ethics and profiling parameters other than the race of a person.


Now, another bubble to bust! If you’re in an interracial relationship, you’re NOT, I repeat, NOT solving the problem of racism. You’re only doing what any sane and educated person should do. Love, date or be in a relationship with another person. Sure, your existence as a couple defies the common norms. I do NOT deny it. But is that really solving the problem of judgment? No, it is only indicating your acceptance of humanity.


Yet another! And I tell you this one isn’t even stupidly funny! If people of color date white people, it’s not because they have an inherent inferiority complex. It’s because these white people are good people with genuine, warm hearts and appealing personalities.  Don’t go around labeling people and stereotyping their relationships, when you don’t even know them.


However, all these myth busters make me think again. Why is this question of interracial dating even a question? Apart from the propaganda that the dating websites sell; for instance, claims to being interracial dating sites, free black dating sites, the best dating site and more such accolades; why should race even matter ? Aren’t all of us, like Jane Elliot says, people of a single race – the human race?