5 Amazing Tips To Help You Win With The Ladies

5 Amazing Tips To Help You Win With The Ladies

Lets face it, for most guys women are vary confusing. They have absolutely no idea why they are rejected over and over again while your less attractive friend seems to clean up every night on the dating scene. Well today is your lucky day. Here at the Dating Stories Blog. We have put together a quick video that gives you 5 Amazing Tips that will help you finally win with the ladies. Check it out and post you thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Also do not forget to share this awesome articles with your friends.

Bad Date Blahs, Here’s How Dating Sites Can Change That

Bad Date Blahs, Here’s How Dating Sites Can Change That

When we start researching dating sites for the first time, it’s so surprising to see that there’s hardly much advice on what to do when your dating experience with dating someone turns out to be horrid.

There are lots of listicles listing 100 free dating sites, multiple reviews about which is the best dating site and lots of information on the lines of plenty of fish dating site. However, not many blogs or websites talk of what should one do when one’s disappointed by bad dating experiences.

I learned through repeated experiments what to do when a date goes bad. First, decided how bad is bad. Was he ungentlemanly? Too bad! However, as long as he covered at least his share of the expenses, I can live without meeting him again.


Did he have bad breath or bad body odor? Aye, that happens? I will ensure an escape plan as a learning exercise, the next time; I end up with a person like this. I will consider it one of those rare nightmares that are a reality of all our lives. Even the best dating site in the world cannot promise to have all gentlemen and ladies on their platform.

Was he in a lot of hurry, or was he nervous? Well, it happens, people do get nervous when meeting someone offline, Sure, he didn’t meet my standards, but I don’t have to judge him. Maybe, the next guy I date, I can fix the date at a coffee shop rather than a bar, or vice versa.

Did he try to violate my consent even in the slightest manner? No, I’m not talking of consent on issues like – Should we watch movie A or B, as long as he was not obnoxiously rude / ill-mannered about it. However, how about the consent to intrude upon my personal space, both physical and / or emotional? What about the consent to hug or kiss me? What about my consent to have sex or not? Well that matters. A lot! No matter which of the 100 free dating sites I found this guy from.


What if someone is too intrusive or overly interested in my mental space or tries to breach the common social standards of information and privacy? Well, I tell them politely and firmly that they are to not push me, or I will have to consider an exit plan.

But what if someone tries to violate my physical boundary of bodily comfort? I leave. First, if I do not know someone too well, I do not meet them for drinks, but a coffee or a meal. Second I meet strangers or online friends in a public place approachable but reasonably distant from my home or work place. Third I always keep an exit as well as a rescue plan handy.

Most importantly, I constantly remind myself, that to look for a needle, we have to sift through the haystack. That online dating isn’t always about finding the perfect date, but about learning through a myriad experiences, more about the kind of person who’s right for me. I remember that no matter how bad a date is, unless it’s anything I should report to the police, I will get over it. Most importantly, there are always plenty of fish dating sites have.


Why Do Chinese Women Enjoy Dating Western Men?

Why Do Chinese Women Enjoy Dating Western Men?

For foreign visas, expat pay checks, life of luxury and comfort – these are some of the most common stereotypical reasons you will hear from people. But is it really true that all Chinese women want is money and comfort and nothing else? Well, according to a survey, no.

The fact is that of all international dating sites, an Asian dating site is the one attracting most Chinese people. When the women on this website participated in surveys related to why they prefer dating western men, the reasons were not the ones listed above.

Women, who were interviewed, claimed that they consider this site as the best dating site for Chinese women and the western men on this site are just amazing. That too, all for reasons not related to their wallets.


Western men are more fun! They are not obsessed with careers and making money. Sure, they enjoy a good life and they love money like anyone else, but for them it’s not as huge an obsession like their Chinese counterpart. Apparently most eligible Chinese men spend most of their waking hours on presentations, work or something else related to work.

Western men live a fuller life. Whether this is due to their different work culture and the nature of their education, r the higher degree of independence; it is true that western men have interests, hobbies, wanderer and traveler instincts and zeal to explore life.

Western men are less or non-judgmental. Unlike Chinese men, the westerners actually do not judge a woman for her past, her previous relationships, or her being a divorced / separated single mother. They appreciate the person more for their own qualities rather than the set of circumstances, they have been through.


Most women on this Asian Dating Site also claimed that western men don’t shove issues under a carpet and ignore them. Unlike their counterparts, who ignore and avoid conversations around a subject and hope it will resolve on its own, western men try to discuss and talk about relationship issues.

Most of these women also valued the fact that they were able to learn more from men of other countries on International Dating Sites rather than Asian men. This is because other men come from different parts of the world and are also willing to let their women know about their part of the world. They also feel that Asian men are relatively less motivating of versatile exposure and strong choices a woman might make.

When probed deeper, it is obviously clear that while Chinese women do claim to find Western men more appealing when it comes to dating, they also do it not for the stereotypes. They do it instead for all the right reasons. In fact they prefer western men so much that it won’t be an exaggeration to say that they will rank an international dating site as the best dating site, rather than one with only Asian or Chinese profiles.


Are Online Dating Sites Dangerous?

Are Online Dating Sites Dangerous?

Ok, so online dating is increasingly popular now. In fact it’s the MOST popular form of dating in the modern era. Online dating sites provide us with an option to connect with a lot of people from different parts of the world. In fact it also allows the anonymity and spares the judgment as is common in our existing network and circle of people.


However, exercising caution even on the best dating sites is extremely important. No matter how good a platform is, there is always the fear of the unknown, the stranger that you know practically nothing about.


For instance, it’s always safe to interact online for a reasonably sufficient time, before exchanging phone numbers. Phone numbers are not something to share easily, especially in today’s world with ‘true callers’ and all. While they are of great use, they can be abused equally well too. So exchange written word, observe the timings when your partner responds, are their answers too long, or too short? All such observations will give you some insights into the kind of the person you may be dealing with.


Remember, even if you’re on the world’s best dating site, the people may not always be the best, nor their intentions. Let me put it this way, the online world is teeming with predators. So be cautious when you put your pictures. If you’re a parent, please, I implore you, please, do not put up any pictures that include your kids! Similarly, no nudes with faces please. I am not trying to scare you or make you paranoid, but honestly, the world IS full of creeps.


Similarly, do not share with anyone your bank details. That’s one piece of information that can be used by scammers, abusers and who else not. So do NOT share them with anyone. You do not want someone to know more about your finances when you don’t even know enough about them.


Do NOT reveal information related to work place, or home address, unless you meet someone face to face at least a few times. I would strongly recommend a public place as a safe dating spot. Either take an uber or have a friend pick you up, if you’re going for drinks. Watch your drinks carefully and be sure of what you do. Better safe than sorry. Not trying to sound judgmental, but women do even better to exercise more caution because anonymity gives many predators, a lot of leeway, especially on online dating sites.


Keep phone battery fully charged, some friend or family in loop, cautionary numbers in the emergency contact list and a sane head over your shoulders; especially when blind dating or dating random strangers. Unless you have met your date at least a few times, please do not make it a ‘my place’ or ‘your place’. But most importantly, listen to your gut. It will keep you safer than anything else!

Things Not To Do On Dating Sites

Things Not To Do On Dating Sites

Online dating has never before been as popular as now. This is THE time when online dating is gaining so much popularity that the minute most people hear the word ‘dating’ they think of one or the other app or website. It is not surprising dating sites are gaining popularity.

This however, also means that a lot of tech people are coming up with a new dating platform every few months. Each of these websites eventually ends up calling itself the best dating site. The interesting twist however is, that the websites which actually deserve the title of the best dating site are not busy claiming it, but are more keen on improving their user experience.

Now user experience is not just about the look, feel and functionality of a platform but it’s about the kind of users that the website attracts as well. This means, it’s also about you. This also means that whether you’re a guy or a girl, you have to fight competition and stand out in a myriad of other profiles to be noticed by compatible people. This FURTHER means, there are certain things you CAN and others you CANNOT do on dating sites.

For instance, you cannot be rude, pushy or judgmental. Just because there’s anonymity on a dating site, it doesn’t mean it’s a freeway. It means you behave online with other people, just like you do offline. Even if you’re on the best dating site in the world, if you’re a pain in the wrong place, you will not attract partners.

You can lie but you SHOULD NOT. Again, sure you can lie about your age, your marital status and your expectations from a date. But hey, what’s the point? When you connect deeper with a person, your façade will fall off. If you however, do not connect with a person, you’ll regret you lied. What if you’d spoken the truth and they may have liked you? So, all in all, lying is too much effort for little. Why even go down that route?

It is highly recommended that one doesn’t kiss and tell. Let us say, you had a great NSA date with someone on one of the best dating sites. It doesn’t mean that you point your entire friend circle, Tom, Dick, Harry, Josh, Mak, Mark, and whoever else in the direction of that profile. That is  a breach of the privacy of that lady.

Just because she had a good time with you, do not act like a prick and make her regret it. Ladies, the same goes for you. A guy, who treats you nicely, may not necessarily be looking forward to hanging out with many or any of your friends. Privacy, discretion and respect are important people!

Last but not the least, be candid. Be yourself. Be authentic. Be genuine. It may sound cliché but honesty, integrity and communication are always going to be the most sought after values. Yes, even on dating sites!

5 Reasons Why You Might Love Adult Dating Sites

5 Reasons Why You Might Love Adult Dating Sites

We’ve been researching dating sites for a while now. It is interesting to see how adult dating sites gets more response rather than a normal dating site for singles. In fact more often than not, it’s very easy and obvious to award the best dating site tag to one of the adult dating sites. Surely, there must be something that attracts users to these platforms like bees to honey! Let’s look for the reasons.

NSA and No drama

One of the best things about adult dating sites is that they are focused on the theme of ‘No Strings Attached’ or NSA in common parlance. It is a huge relief when you know that just having some adult fun with someone doesn’t mean you have to make some sort of commitment to them. Also, since there are no other expectations apart from a good time together, there’s obviously less drama as well.


Believe it or not, beyond a certain age, most people do not define fun as watching Netflix with a can of beer and some ordered food. Beyond a phase in life, one wants real fun and real fun is possible with only real men and women! Fun could be long distance or actually physical, but it can be achieved only when both parties are up for it. Most people on dating site for singles realize this and so these sites are a fun place to find new people.

Address a basic primal need

The best dating site addresses a far more primal need than most of us care to acknowledge. The fact is that most of us slut shame and deny bodily and carnal pleasures. The fact is that this primal need is one of the basics and no matter how much we deny this need, it will remain important. Adult dating sites take away the façade from dating and mingling. The very concept shatters taboos at multiple levels by being very clear about the kind of connects they endorse. This openness and the sense of freedom is another thing that makes them great platforms to connect with other people.

More visual than verbal

Most successful and great adult dating sites are more visual than verbal. They are made by community. They consist of people who are warm, genuine and willing to connect. They have pictures, videos, webcams and facility to do video chats. They understand that great and genuine pictures are a greater attraction than only words.

One-Stop Shop

Last but not the least, a good dating site for singles is always a one-stop shop. It may be conceptualized for adults, sure, but it is not only about adult fun. The best combination, www.adultfriendfinder.com for instance, is that of adult fun, combined with meaningful discussion boards and facilities to allow members to interact with each other through multiple modes of communication. Truth be told, people do find their soul mates on online dating sites!